Brims Marine Licence Application

The marine licence and section 36 applications were formally submitted to Marine Scotland in June 2016. The applications and related documents are available to download below.

A hard copy of the Environmental Statement can also be viewed at Kirkwall Public Library, Longhope Post Office & Shop, the Scottish Government and Marine Scotland Libraries. 

Consultation responses received to date can be viewed on the Marine Scotland website.

Further updates on the application process will be provided on this website as they become available.

Applications and related downloads

Marine Licence Application Form [PDF-4.9mb]

Section 36 Application [PDF-4.1mb]

Application Plans [PDF-3.6mb]

Non Technical Summary (NTS) [PDF-4.9mb]

Information to inform Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA) [PDF-4.5mb]

Environmental Statement
Volume 2A

Table of contents: Chapter 1-9 [PDF-0.4mb]

Chapter 1 – Introduction [PDF-0.7mb]

Chapter 2 – Need for the Project [PDF-0.3mb]

Chapter 3 – Policy and Legislation [PDF-0.7mb]

Chapter 4 – Site Selection and Alternatives [PDF-2.1mb]

Chapter 5 – Project Description [PDF-6.4mb]

Chapter 6 – Consultation Process [PDF-0.3mb]

Chapter 7 – EIA Scope and Methodology [PDF-0.4mb]

Chapter 8 – Geology and Hydrology [PDF-1.5mb]

Chapter 9 – Physical Processes [PDF-3.4mb]

Environmental Statement
Volume 2B

Table of contents: Chapter 10-14 [PDF-0.4mb]

Chapter 10 – Coastal and Terrestrial Ecology [PDF-2.7mb]

Chapter 11 – Benthic Ecology [PDF-0.7mb]

Chapter 12 – Fish Ecology [PDF-2.4mb]

Chapter 13 – Marine Mammals and Basking Shark [PDF-2.9mb]

Chapter 14 – Ornithology [PDF-1.1mb]

Environmental Statement
Volume 2C

Table of contents: Chapter 15-24 [PDF-0.4mb]

Chapter 15 – Shipping and Navigation [PDF-4.9mb]

Chapter 16 – Commercial Fisheries [PDF-3.3mb]

Chapter 17 – Seascape, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment [PDF-0.6mb]

Chapter 18 – Marine Archaeology and Cultural Heritage [PDF-0.8mb]

Chapter 19 – Socio-economics [PDF-1.3mb]

Chapter 20 – Recreation and Tourism [PDF-3.8mb]

Chapter 21 – Overview of Onshore Impacts [PDF-0.8mb]

Chapter 22 – Cumulative Impact Assessment [PDF-0.8mb]

Chapter 23 – Environmental Mitigation, Monitoring and Management [PDF-0.4mb]

Chapter 24 – Summary of Key Impacts [PDF-0.5mb]