It is now widely accepted that excessive burning of fossil fuels and the resultant CO2 gases produced has had a major impact on the world's climate. If this continues, scientists predict that it will cause irreversible damage, such as the melting of the polar ice caps.

The planet's fossil fuel stock is a finite and depleting resource. Converting fossil fuels into energy creates bi-products that are harmful to the environment. This, together with increasing instability in the world's energy markets, makes a compelling case for renewable energy.

Increasingly, governments are introducing progressive legislation to curb and replace the use of fossil fuels. With global energy demand set to increase, there is an undeniable and urgent need to develop new renewable energy technologies. OpenHydro is leading the way in developing technologies that harness the power of the world's largest natural resource - the world's oceans.

the polar ice caps is melting at an alarming rate
The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate due to global warming