Open Centre Turbine

OpenHydro’s design philosophy is to keep the turbine as simple as possible, resulting in a device which has a low cost and low requirement for maintenance. In keeping the turbine simple, we also achieve a high level of efficiency, all of which adds up to deliver a low Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) – the key measure when comparing tidal turbines

The Open-Centre Turbine has been designed from first principles specifically for the marine environment. It comprises four key components: a horizontal axis rotor, a direct-drive permanent magnet generator, a hydrodynamic duct and a subsea gravity base foundation. Simplicity is a key advantage of this device, with no lubricant, seals, or gearbox, meaning reduced maintenance requirements.

Our commercial scale turbine is 16 metres in diameter and is rated at 2MW. The turbine weighs approximately 300 tonnes and is predominantly a steel assembly.

The turbines, supported by subsea base structures, are placed directly onto the seabed, deep enough so as not to pose a hazard to shipping. No seabed preparation is required, as the turbines are held in place by the weight of the subsea base. The weight of the subsea base varies according to the characteristics of each site, but it is generally around 700 tonnes. Mounted on the subsea base, the top of the turbine sits 20 – 25 meters above the seabed

Open Hydro deploys second turbine